15 years 'Suvarnabhumi' accelerates development Get ready for the 'open country' to welcome travelers from all over the world.

Date: 2021-09-30

15 years 'Suvarnabhumi' accelerates development Get ready for the 'open country' to welcome travelers from all over the world.

September 28, 2021 Lt. Lt. Sutheerawat Suwannawat, Director of Suvarnabhumi Airport, Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (DOT) revealed that all countries around the world are still facing the crisis situation of the epidemic. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) The global aviation industry continues to suffer from a severe crisis for two years in a row. causing a huge impact on the operations of the Police Station, which resulted in the number of passengers, flights and the volume of air freight Police Station has greatly decreased compared to the same period last year.

In this regard, the operating results in the fiscal year 2021 from Oct. 63 - Aug. 64 (a total of 11 months) Police Station has 77 regular airlines, with flights taking off - There were a total of 113,000 flights down, a decrease of 46.4% from the same period last year, with a total of 5.95 million passengers, a decrease of 80.7 percent from the same period last year, and the cargo volume of more than 1.1 million tonnes decreased. down 4.3 percent, which the number of flights and passengers have already included special international flights under the operation of the government since the police station opened since September 28, 2006, there are passengers using the service. Total air cargo volume of 18.6 million tons, total flight volume of more than 4.3 million flights.

Lt. Lt. Sutheerawat went on to say that During the epidemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), the Police Station continues to develop facilities and passenger services in various fields, such as - Construction of a parking building in the east. (Parking Building Zone 2 Extension) will increase the efficiency of the number of parking spaces. From the original parking slots at the parking zone 1, there will be 484 parking spaces. If the project is completed by April 65, it will be able to add 1,022 parking slots to be able to park.

- The project to improve the parking building zone 2 and the parking building zone 3 to increase the efficiency of safety in using the service. and installing an automatic parking fee collection system (Auto Pay) using technology Digital, can see the number of parking spaces in Real Time and in the future will be able to see the number of parking spaces that can be used via AOT Airports Application

- Long-term parking area development project, Zone A and car park zones 6 – 7 with improvements to install sun and rain roofs for passengers Users are more comfortable.

- Project to install solar power on the roof of the terminal building Promote environmental airport image (Green Airport) to reduce glass sliding gas emissions and the installation of LED lights to save energy and support the government's policy on the use of renewable energy. energy conservation

- Construction and renovation projects inside the terminal 52 points of concourses A to G to create beauty Passengers can use the service more comfortably. and the creation of an additional BABY ROOM at the east and west international arrivals, 2nd floor, concourse D and international departures, 3rd floor, concourse B.

- The project to improve the international departure passenger checkpoints Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3, the terminal building. To increase the efficiency of search and reduce the problem of congestion in the number of passengers

- The project to develop a public taxi system (taxi) with digital technology. By connecting the information of public taxi management systems (taxi) such as the taxi ticketing system (KIOSK) with AOT Airports Application, allowing passengers to book queues. And press tickets from the Application, which allows to plan the trip precisely and get more convenience from using the service.

Lt. Lt. Sutheerawat He added that the Police Station has also given importance to air freight. To provide flexibility in transportation services In the project to improve the development of various facilities such as

- The Preshipment Inspection Center (PPL) project is an upgrade of product standards and agricultural product inspection standards for Thai exporters and farmers. which is working with the Ministry of Transport Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, WPSPG Cargo Company Limited and many private companies that cooperate to promote and raise the standards of Thai agricultural products to meet international standards. service within 2022

In addition, it is also a project that connects regional airports (AOT Local Logistics Link) to operate a distribution business under multi-modal transport. imported through other customs To perform customs formalities at the duty free zone, the Royal Thai Police is an important strategy for delivering goods under the principles of logistics management that creates an advantage in transportation of goods. which is expected to be able to open for service in 2022

- Project to expand the Access Control building to increase the capacity to accommodate those who come to use the free zone service. Suvarnabhumi Airport

- The project to install an automatic queue card issuing system (AOT Free Zone Smart Queue Application) and will develop a system for online booking in advance via Mobile Application (FZ Smart Queue) to facilitate service users and For safety according to social distancing measures (Social Distancing)

- The four projects to improve the Customs Bureau of Investigation and Suppression are scheduled for completion around December 2022.

- Project to install personnel and vehicle management systems that enter and exit supervised areas at the duty free zones and warehouses, or Pre-Smart AccessPhase 1 Digital Cargo M4 is a system for issuing temporary personal and vehicle license cards. Daily (not more than 24 hours) for the general public (Visitor) It is expected that the development and installation of the system will be completed around June 2022.

The Police Station celebrates its 15th anniversary on September 28, 2021. Over the past 15 years, the Police Station is proud to play a part in driving the tourism economy of the country. bring enormous income into the country Even in the face of the epidemic crisis situation, the Police Station is still ready to serve alongside passengers and service users and prepare to support the return of service. as well as to create satisfaction in the service under the new lifestyle (NEW NORMAL) of future passengers For entering its 16th year, the Police Station remains committed to continually improving and raising the quality of service in all aspects. to maintain its position as an aviation hub in the Asian region and is considered as the gateway to Thailand's international contributing to driving the country's economy, trade and investment for sustainable growth


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