Wirot suggests appointing a priest instead of Big Tu after giving him prayers, chasing the storm, breaking his maturity.

Date: 2021-09-29
On September 27, 2021, Mr. Wirot Lakkanadisorn, member of the list of MPs Progressive Party Spokesperson interview case General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, visited Sukhothai province to monitor the flood situation. By asking people to pray not to let the storm come in again, saying that this era is the 2021 era to solve flooding or flooding problems that countries rely mainly on technology. Regardless of the water storage system Placement of water diversion systems, drainage systems, and early warning systems. Of course, storms are natural disasters. There is no way for any government to ban the storm from entering the country.

Therefore, what should be done is to develop the infrastructure for laying out such systems. If there is good information management, it can warn people in advance. damage is limited There will be no flooding problem. People will make plans to manage their lives easier. both before the disaster during disaster and after the disaster

“Prayer is like indirectly telling people to surrender to fate. and accepted by the condition that I can't do more than this In addition, many questions to the Prime Minister should not ask His house flooded the roof. Go back and ask how are you? If it's fine, it probably won't be like this.

From the news, it can be seen that the size of the monks in Sukhothai Province who are in the status of monks Praying, not praying yet also came out to distribute food to the people Finally, the Prime Minister It was the people praying all over the country,” said Mr. Wirot.

Mr. Wirot said that the matter of prayer is considered very lacking maturity. It shows that in the past the government has invested hundreds of billions of baht in water-related budgets each year. If not counting the central budget Has the government ever told the people? How many million cubic meters of water storage is now increased? or as a percentage of water demand The government never explained here. Read the news : 'Prayut' came to visit! please pray Don't let the storm come in again one ball is enough

In the past, the early warning system was ineffective. People knew that the water came when the water came. The truth if using big data or satellite technology incorporating various system calculations through computer system It is likely to be able to predict how many days it will flood. when will the water go down which we do not see this information from the government

Mr. Wirot said that water management must be solved systematically. In the past we have tried to build a dam which is a large catchment area. But we don't have to build small reservoirs. to gradually store water from time to time from the north down to the bottom

Therefore, when the dam can't hold water, water flows out. In fact, the prediction of rainfall each year The Meteorological Department made accurate predictions. Although there is some global warming, the amount of rainfall cannot be predicted. Therefore, it can be planned in advance to create a small receiving area. In addition, some areas have large budgets for both floods and droughts in the same year. which is highly suspicious

“The government can definitely do more than just pray. If you see covid, pray. When flooded, pray This country doesn't need a prime minister anymore. ordained a priest Or a sorcerer instead of good or not?” said Mr. Wirot.

Mr. Wirote also said that as for the discourse that said why the opposition did not come down to deal with the flood situation Questions like this from the government or pro-government parties. Shows that the government does not know its own duty that it holds the power to order the administration of the state affairs. Has the power to command civil servants, hold budgets and does not read the constitution that states MPs do not refrain from budgeting and appointing government officials. But he sees the positive that The government expressed confidence that if the opposition had executive power, it would work better.

The opposition is not doing nothing. For example, the Progressive Party is trying to be a bridge between private-sector aid and people in trouble. According to the recommendation of the government in order to solve the problem in the right way But government assistance must be within the jurisdiction of the executive branch. If the government says so, then resign. The opposition is ready to go to work instead.

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