Doctor Pla takes the victim to the treatment center to report Revealing that there is a police involved. Money is flowing, but the condition is like a prison.

Date: 2021-09-29

Mr. Jeeraphan Petchkhao or Doctor Pla and Mr. Paisan Ruangrit led the victims from the Tha Phuratbamrung Temple Treatment Center. Dan Makham Tia District, Kanchanaburi Province, about 10 cases filed a complaint with the investigative officers, Commanding Division 5, the Crime Suppression Division to prosecute those related to the treatment center. on human trafficking charges After previously helping about 216 people who received treatment, the fish doctor was rescued on September 20. due to complaint from a group of ex-patients that the treatment and treatment procedures are incorrect unhygienic There was physical and mental abuse. by starving, attacking, beating

It was also found that Payments are made for treatment and monthly expenses are charged. Including if you want to leave the center, there is a compulsory charge.

  • "Doctor Pla" reveals the drug treatment center at Wat Dang or Hell on Earth. Eating is crowded until 3 people die.

Mr. Jeeraphan revealed that after receiving the complaint, he was accompanied by a lawyer and Several media outlets visited the area and came to investigate the deteriorating living conditions. like hell on earth It's not the nature of a standard treatment center. Ministry of Health which after helping He entered the daily diary. as evidence that Makham Tia Police Station but felt insecure about the actions of the officers The officers ignored and felt insecure, so they filed a complaint with the Crime Suppression Division. to prosecute frankly

In addition, Mr. Jeeraphan said that the money and property of the therapist asked the treatment center Contacted back quickly because now there are still hundreds of thousands of baht left over, including a mobile phone that hasn't been returned because the officers claim that the abbot's death can't be done.

Mr Paisan said that The behavior of such treatment centers is classified as human trafficking due to the process of recruiting therapists, bringing, claiming benefits. imprisoned, tortured, attacked, beaten And most importantly, it was found that there were 2-3 previous deaths in rehab and that incident did not have an autopsy.

It was found that police officers in many provinces were involved. especially in Kalasin and Roi Et provinces. There are also volunteers in Kanchanaburi. that brought the males involved in drugs to receive treatment and claim benefits

Mr Paisan added that some people were not drug users but were accused in other cases such as quarrel The mayhem was gathered here. The police and this group of officers negotiated with parents that if their children were to be admitted. One year of therapy will not be prosecuted, but it will cost.

On the side of Mr. A (alias), the victim said that after being rescued, he was very happy. personally accept Treatment in the treatment center for 9 months before undergoing x-rays of the lungs alone, no blood tests for drugs were performed according to the procedure. As for living each day, it's like being in prison, having one meal a day, having to wake up from 3.00 to do the prayers. But if the sound of the prayer is not loud enough, the staff does not like it. That day will be punished not to eat breakfast. which most of the time When they received therapy, they only had one meal a day, even though their parents sent them money every month.

However, when an agency comes to inspect the living conditions, it will be concealed, and those who undergo treatment are unable to explain or say anything because they will be punished.

However, after the investigator received the report to investigate the complaint At the same time, the lawyer and Doctor Pla asked the National Police Commissioner Check out the police officers who brought the victims to this treatment center.

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