Victims of Wat Dang Healing Center unfolding the state inside than hell Mix the spoiled rice in a bowl and wash the toilet to keep eating.

Date: 2021-09-29

The person who came out after Lawyer Paisan went to help freshly was Am and Boy Nat, who came out for a week and mom came to help. What happened?

Paisan : There are many parents. Cried to the page that the child was detained, tortured. At Wat Tha Phurat Bamrung We checked and called to check and talk to parents. what happened He said the child was tortured. He intended the child to go to therapy. But instead of being beaten and beaten, the child is also suffering from a skin disease. If you want to take it out of the temple, you have to pay 1 thousand.

What does it cost?

Paisan : He said it was a contract. Yesterday I went to talk to the representative of the temple. He said it was the first book I received. But said and claimed that it was a contract, which states that the entrance fee is 1,2000 baht, if not staying for 1 year, you have to pay 10,000 baht. This is a voluntary contract. Because the center here is a voluntary system. Here you have to look at the intent, but if the victim claims He said that if there was no money, he would not give out. And there are officers dressed in orange to take care of the children. Claims to be a rescue volunteer Came to stand and said that I had to pay. Asked if I could pay 5,000 or not. need to talk to the police The one who brought them to the police who brought them called and told them to bring it out. There will be something wrong. The abbot then gave it out. which we do not want to mention you because he just passed away yesterday while visiting the area


Paisan : He claims to have a congenital disease. When this son came out Worried about the friend inside He said that he would like to visit a convenience store. to buy something for a friend No more shopping back to the temple. The abbot shouted that he had five thousand money, and five or six men surrounded him, but the mother continued. It's the same case. I'm going to get my child out, but I don't have any money. And took 30 able-bodied men to surround 30 people until the mother said that which TV channel would be released?

 went to the area yesterday What do you see?

Paisan : It's not the sanitary sanitation of the rehabilitation center. They say hell. I looked at it that way. Jail, prison would be better. Here are 200 people in just 15 meters of space, two bathrooms. full of disease According to tell, there were handcuffs if anyone escaped. put it on the rafter and beat it

This place is going to be a drug treatment facility. usually anyone In order to open a rehab facility, one must apply for a LSDA. before that he would open a drug rehab center for drug addicts and go into rehab After that, there are training courses to teach various therapeutic methods. This temple has been going up to the 50th year. It's been ten years. Issues Whoever opens you can accept or not receive the money. Some places do not accept money. There was a donation coming in. But this place receives 12,000 baht per year as the first entry. After that, another 2,000 per month, who wants to eat food, extra water, the parents transfer money to send snacks, but not transfer to the child's account. transfer to temple account But the temple never gave money to the children. How long has Nat been here?

Nat : Three months, very difficult and painful. Go into amphetamine therapy. 

why go there Who sent it in or voluntarily?

Nat : Voluntarily. I feel pity for my mother. My mother wanted me to go to therapy, so I went to therapy. He said that he had an elder at home first and was fine, but was deceived by the police. He told me that he was comfortable there, playing sports . It's gone and it's heavy.

First time entering, what is the condition like?

Nat : The condition entered for the first time. They hit each other. On the first day, at 5 a.m., they kicked each other. I didn't fight back then. The next day he stung I don't know why either Hundreds of parents 

What's so hot Until I couldn't bear to tell my mother?

Nat: I got sick and ate one meal. Sometimes they eat spoiled rice, plain rice, and punish them when they make mistakes and beat them too much. 

Did you say how many meals in the contract?

Nat: Two meals. 

Are you being punished?

Nat : I got it wrong.

It all depends on who, the abbot, the rescue, or who is there?

Nat : Abbot and Rescue be the one who ordered They ate the same meal for the whole family. 

Make the mistake of 200 people eating all in one meal alone?

Nat: Yes.

Really spoiled rice?

Nat : It's true, he puts his hands into a bowl to eat like a dog, one bowl can feed 20 people, and there are chicken bones to nibble on. 

a small bowl He took the rice and threw it in there. And with what?

Nat: Hatch Gold 's crumpled rice thrown.

Eat five people per bowl?

Nat : More than ten people can eat each spoon, keep going. This is true 

Is it true, Am?

Am: Actually, it's hard to be inside.

Have you ever escaped?

Arm: Run away.

disciple or believer in the temple Said that the center has been detained for 4 months because the person who went to therapy had escape behavior. Someone stole a villager's car. It's you. What happened?

Am: Yes, I can't stand the situation. I wanted to go home and ran away. I found a car and drove away. but he meets he took it back 

You were taken to therapy again?

Am: Yes.

What do your parents say?

Arm : I don't have a chance to talk to my relatives. If my relative calls, I don't have a chance to talk. He will talk. Or I heard that my mother sent me a letter. I didn't read the letter.  

Did your mother transfer the money to you?

Arm: I used to transfer, but he broke all of them. He said I ran away so I cut the money.

So you didn't take the money your parents sent you?

Arm: Yes, don't spend a baht.

I thought it was only in the movie I've never met someone in a prison like this. He had a better life. There may be restrictions on freedom. But eating life is better. He said it was better to stay in prison?

Am: Yes.

How does Boy feel?

Boy: I feel bad. I want to go home from the first day I entered.

What did you find?

Boy : Like hell on earth Eat rice and eat it in a bowl. The bowl of poo that we wash away Put it in the bathroom to wash the ass. 

He doesn't have a plate?

Boy: No, he poured rice and let us eat each bite. The water that you use is probably the canal water, which can lead to a rash. what's up

Sleep tight. Does he have a fan?

Boy : About 8-9 fans, but they were broken, they didn't change or repair them.

Have you ever yelled? It's not working anymore. Let's go home?

Boy : If anyone yells, they will get hit. everyone wants to go home hit by orange shirt or rescue the abbot or the deputy abbot Hired Wan to take care of us, about 30-40 people who ran away, hit, but we felt that we were not guilty of anything. Why do we have to be here? We have reached the age of majority. why do we have to agree Our relatives do not know. how our existence

Can't contact relatives?

Boyd: Not at all. If relatives call, they say that we are fine, if we talk, if we speak badly. He will let you hang up. The phone is his. turn on the phone to speak If you say what you want give me some money Eat here, eat here, you can talk, but if you say that you can't take it, then you can't. He will have him hang up and hit him with a vetiver.

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