Human Rights Lawyers Association points out that 'Carmob' is a liberty, does not contravene the Constitution - ask the state to stop using it. Km. shut the mouth of the people.

Date: 2021-09-29
28 September 2021 Today (28 September 2021) at 12:14 hours, the Human Rights Lawyers Association (NSF) posted an open letter via the Human Rights Lawyers Association 's Facebook page, calling for Government officials stopped using laws and judicial processes to block the exercise of people's right to freedom of expression. He said that 'Carmob' rallies deserved protection under the Constitution and international law. The contents of the open letter are as follows:

Since the National Council for Peace and Order took control of the country on May 22, 2014 and even held elections as if to restore power to the people and the political situation under the constitution. The junta has seen many people as a succession of the junta's power and has called for a constitutional amendment and asked the Prime Minister to resign from office in a form of rallies and takes place in various parts of the country by means of rallies. One that has recently emerged as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic is the "carmob". Covid-19 who can participate in the activities to expel Gen. Prayut was able to maintain social distance. and is open to those who are interested in having a car to join the procession easily while moving the parade along the road also makes it easy to manage. The peaceful movement and the rational proposition are clear. Expulsion of government leaders who failed to manage the COVID-19 crisis but focus on fun the beauty of the procession Make the picture that comes out to stimulate the interest to join and expand the format to many areas, both in Bangkok. and more provinces

On August 1, 2021, the Mae Sot group opposes the dictatorship. Organized a "Carmob" event at Mae Sot District, Tak Province, with approximately 200 participants attending the event with good order. Carmob participants received a summons from the Mae Sot Police Station dated August 16, 2021, accusing them of Violate the announcement of Tak Province Order No. 2551/2564 (assembling or gathering in a manner that is at risk of spreading the disease anywhere and organizing any activities which is a gathering of people) and acts loudly without a reasonable cause

Freedom of Expression or Freedom of Speech is a human right under international human rights law and standards. People are able to express or communicate their feelings or opinions. both by speaking gesture or communication in writing whether on paper or online as well as in other forms such as music, photographs, graphics or animation, etc. Freedom of expression is an important tool that people in the community use to communicate with the state to reflect problems. in order to improve or prevent recurrence Moreover, freedom of expression is an important factor driving the world's development in all dimensions, both academically and in general public interest.

Human Rights Lawyers Association that the activities of the people who came out to exercise their rights to freedom of expression through the "carmob" activities were symbolic, peaceful and unarmed expressions; It is a right that is guaranteed under the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand. which is the supreme law of the country and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. which Thailand joins as a party And the state has a duty to enforce the law in accordance with that principle. And the prosecution of political activists is a strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPPs) as a tool to harass people who wish to express their views. One of the most common forms of public interest today is "Threats to the law and the judicial process"

With respect to the rights and liberties of the people and to affirm the principle of protection of the free rights of people exercising their rights under the Constitution and the Universal Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The Association of Human Rights Lawyers urges relevant government officials and agencies to

1. Request to end the prosecution to block Public Participation or Strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPPs) against citizens who immediately exercise their right to freedom of expression in public issues.

2. The justice system must not be an instrument of state security. But it must be to serve the justice of the people according to the rule of law, not "government with (rule by law) the investigating officer Always be aware that it is your duty to investigate all kinds of evidence as possible. for the purpose of knowing the facts and various circumstances relating to the alleged offense in order to recognize the offender and prove the guilt or innocence of the accused not only looking for faults Prosecutors should exercise their discretion (Opportunity Principle) in their trials in connection with political expression under the Constitution and the International Covenant, especially if society does not benefit from bringing the accused or defendant to court. Public prosecutors should use their discretion to issue an order not to prosecute criminal cases for the benefit of the public (Public Policy).

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