The bike suddenly cut off in front of the pick-up truck before smashing into a light pole and crashing into the canal.

Date: 2021-09-30

September 29, 2021 Pol. Lt. Col. Woradit Leewangsri (Investigation), Thung Yai Police Station, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province Was notified of an accident, a pickup truck lost control, collided with an electric pole, fell down The iron railing on the roadside was damaged. The incident happened on Phrasaeng Road. Ban Nong Khae Nak, Village No. 2, Tha Yang Subdistrict, Thung Yai District, therefore went to check with the rescuers under Tek Tung.

 Upon arriving at the scene, an Isuzu pickup truck was found, white color, license plate registration No. Khor Khor 5633, Nakhon Si Thammarat. The condition of losing control hit an electric pole on the roadside, falling down one before crashing into the iron railing on the roadside, breaking into strips. while the pickup truck was parked at the metal railing on the side of the road, narrowly falling into a public canal broken windshield The taillights and the white body behind the car were damaged. The driver, Anurak Thongsamrit, 41, was slightly injured. therefore photographed the scene as evidence. before coordinating the forklift to salvage the pickup truck from the scene

Ask the driver to give an initial testimony that Before the accident, he drove a pickup truck to deliver his mother to vaccinate against COVID-19. At Thung Yai Hospital Vaccination Center While the mother is waiting in line for vaccinations He drove back to his house to rest. to wait to pick up mom back home after noon by driving back alone At the scene of the accident, a motorcycle rode up the road, crossing the lane, cutting closely in front of their pickup truck. Therefore, the steering wheel avoids hitting the motorcycle. Finally, the pickup truck lost control and hit an electric pole. Hit the iron railing on the roadside. Fortunately, the car didn't fall into the canal.  

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