'Prayut' Jaja begging Chaiyaphum people Lean not to leave his mother's hometown There are MPs who have met with the people who shouted.

Date: 2021-09-29
At 13.00 on September 29 at Khlong Phutsa Market, Nai Mueang Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chaiyaphum Province, Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense together with the inspection team to encourage flood victims at Khlong Phutsa Market As soon as he arrived, the Prime Minister walked to greet the people who came to welcome him. Then the governor of Chaiyaphum Province gave a summary of the flood situation in Chaiyaphum Province

General Prayut He told the people at one point that Today, as Prime Minister Heads of administration, ministers, as well as local MPs Go to the area to work together Their duty is to take care of Thai people in every area, every province. which this morning observed all the way to see the suffering of the people Along with stating that he understands and feels pain every time when natural disasters occur, I reiterate that he sympathizes with everyone. Sympathy for 10 million farmers. However, we have many opportunities. While natural disasters are like everyone else. But luckily we have something else to add. Today you have to be strong and set a good footing.

The prime minister said that the government is ready to solve the problem and work for it. Please just don't create conflict. each other Who will love, who will like no matter but wants to love your country and land If we don't love here, how can we give love to anyone? So I want to leave it and thank you to everyone who came to welcome What problems do you have today, what troubles you have to go to the government Whoever is near, go find it there. I believe that all government officials are willing to make everyone. and today talked to representatives of everyone that Where is the trouble? which he listened to what he said in the council, how it was so that the government could use it as a guideline for working in the future

“No matter how Chaiyaphum certifies, I can't leave. because it is my mother's house But I was born in Korat My mother is from Chaiyaphum. love is already here At the same time, I can't love just this province anymore. I love the other 76 provinces, that's the duty of the government and the prime minister. It is the responsibility of every Thai person to help the country overcome this obstacle. To drive the economy to have higher incomes in the future Therefore, we must listen and find a solution,” the prime minister said.

General Prayut said that at the same time, you have to look at the water level now that some areas are still heavily flooded. Some areas still flow Therefore, we have to look at how to lead this part of the water. for relief in urban areas or hospitals And if the ground has a water catchment area, it may find the area of ​​the people in the lowland and need to be healed. but must draw water in the community or business area to disperse the water However, I ask everyone to always remember that too much water is suffering. Too little is more suffering. Confirm that the government takes care of the big picture It is important that we preserve nature as well.

“Thank you, you know we care. We are not well. We are suffering. Even if we do not come here, we have work to do every day in government administration. On days when I'm free, I also come out of the area. During this period, there is still surveillance about covids. Don't forget to wear a mask which these diseases are not gone as long as there are carriers Today the world has sounded the alarm that we must return to care. Confirm that the government will do its best, including the past And from now on, the governor of every province will bring a water map to let everyone know where our province, our district, where the water flows from, everyone will learn about these things. To prepare for how to live with nature," said Gen. Prayut.

General Prayut said at the end that May everyone be happy, safe and resolve quickly. I would like to thank all the officers for doing their best. Wishing the people of Chaiyaphum, civil servants, police, soldiers and all the people. Get out of the flood as quickly as possible and have a better future if we work together to change it. thank you everyone Let's help each other. Let's do it.

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